GSA Series Residential Boilers

Williamson-Thermoflo cast iron boilers are designed to be used with any steam or hot water heating or hot water applications. The durable cast iron sections are factory assembled and factory tested, and proven to last for decades. They are also designed for easy maintenance and repair with a convenient one-piece access door. GSA Series Boilers compact size helps to save valuable living space that older units took up much more of. The units feature long lasting stainless steel burners that are durable and efficient and provide quieter ignition and improved combustion. All units also feature the safety of a non-linting pilot burner as an added safety feature. The units are designed to be chimney vented as part of new home construction or to replace a less efficient or non-functioning system.

Williamson Thermoflo GSA Series Boilers

Williamson-Thermoflo oil fired boilers provide the same quality and efficiency as their gas-fired counterparts, but they are designed for homes that do not have access to natural gas or propane. For homes that rely on fuel oil for their hot water and heating needs, a quality efficient unit is available as well. For those who do use propane or natural gas for their heating and hot water needs, Williamson-Thermoflo gas fired boiler reliability is like no other on the market. The units are available in sizes from 52,000 to 245,000 BTUs, with a size to fit any residential application. They are also designed for easy installation with plug in connectors to the wiring harness that can only be installed one way. For more information about Williamson Thermoflo Steam Boilers visit